Saturday: Deep house party Saturday with Eman and Jon Cutler

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Enjoy Keybar’s  deep house party Saturday presenting local and international talents not just from New York City, but from all around the world.

Keybar presents: A CELEBRATION OF LIFE by Eman and Jon Cutler hosted by Attila Da Hun this Saturday Sept. 21 starting from 10pm.

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deep house party saturday
Enjoy the best Deep House music in the East Village.

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House Music’s Timeless wonder EMAN gets a year older. Celebrating the only way he knows how, by playing music somewhere. Along with Eman Is Distant”s Music own Jon Cutler.
These two have joined forces again to bring you an event which will start at the end of September.
This event is FREE to the world, so no need to stress a fee.
So come one, come all and help Eman have a good time.
Come in peace, and as my Uncle David used to say
Love Saves the Day. Bless

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Deep house party Saturdays in general:

Hosted and managed by DJ/owner Attila Da Hun, Keybar presents the longest running deep house venue in the East Village New York City. Our deep house party Saturdays are running strong since 2002. During this amazing 17 years we featured names like John Creamer, Noam Rubinstein, Eman, Jon Cutler, Pete Bones, Endo, MR. C, Demi, DJPNY just to name a few and a countless number of local talents from our beloved East Village neighborhood.

deep house party saturday
Enjoy our quality sound and red lit elecrifying atmosphere.

Owner of Keybar since 2002. Atilla is not just the owner of one of New York’s favourite bars, he is a top notch dj. His sets cover all genres of house music and his Hungarian roots have given him a lot of exposure to dance floors across Europe. Living in New York for so many years, Atilla’s sound is a perfect mix of European and east coast influences.

Keybar also offers the Best Happy Hour in NYC and Free Shots for Birthday Parties.