Sunday: Best Late Night Happy Hour in NYC – all night 4pm-4am

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Come and enjoy the VERY BEST DEAL in NYC, cheers and have fun.

best late night happy hour in nyc from 4pm-4am and free shots for birthdays
Enjoy the best late night happy hour in NYC and free shots for birthday parties.

Keybar’s late night happy hour runs on the ENTIRE BAR SELECTION:
crafts, imports, bottles, drafts, well, call, top shelf, margaritas, cocktails, martinis, wines, are all included with a few exceptions.

best late night happy hour with twelve quality beers on tap
Enjoy our twelve quality drafts during our unbeatable all night happy hour on Sundays.
best late night happy hour with shots, cocktails and martinis
Enjoy margaritas, martinis, cocktails, shots, drinks, wines as well because they are all included.

For early comers (4pm-7pm) we discounted the full bar (no drink tickets involved) to: $4 bottles and well shots, $5 drafts, signature and specialty shots, $6 well drinks, wines and $7 margaritas, martinis and cocktails.
Then Happy Hour continues from 7pm- 10pm: 2-4-1 on regular prices (with drink tickets)
During our 2-4-1 late night happy hour from 7pm-4am (on Sun. and Mon.), when you buy a drink, you will receive a complimentary drink ticket at the same value of your purchase. This ticket never expires, hence you can exchange them for 1 free drink up to the ticket’s listed value at any time. Therefore you can use them after happy hour throughout the whole night, take them home and redeem them a day, a week or a month later for a free drink.

Click below to read why Gothamist voted KEYBAR’S happy hour the #1 late night happy hour in NYC.

Gothamist: The 7 Best Late Night Happy Hour In NYC

CBS New York
5 Best Happy Hours In The East Village

Keybar bills itself as “the ultimate party place.” So, if you’re looking to quietly nurse a bourbon and your thoughts, or have a lingering catch-up drink with a friend you haven’t seen for a while, perhaps you better keep moving. But if you’re looking to get your late-afternoon party on, definitely stay awhile and partake of its famed “two-for-one” special: when you buy a drink special during happy hour (Sunday and Monday: 4 p.m. -4 a.m., the rest of the week: 4 p.m. – 10 p.m.), you get a coupon for a free drink to use anytime.

We also offer a FREE ROUND OF SHOTS for BIRTHDAY PARTIES. Click here for details.