Owner/DJ Gyuszi

DJ GyusziI have started playing music on college parties and some other events back in 1988. Since than I played on thousands of parties being a resident DJ for Orange Cafe Rock Club, the Jimi Hendrix Music Pub, than the Genius Bar/Club in Hungary. Since we opened KEYBAR in 2001 for about 10 years now I’ve been taking my place at KEYBAR’s DJ booth on Fridays. My passion for music, entertainment and hospitality will keep me around for a long time. My music is a mix of great classics including 50’s/60’s Rock n’ Roll, 70’s Classic Rock, Disco and Funk, 80’s Punk, Rock, Heavy Metal, Pop and New Wave, 90,s Pop, Rock, Hip Hop and Dance. For me the best funĀ  is to make my audience happy throughout the whole night with changing the stile of music back and forth for everyone’s pleasure when the vibe of the party is just unstoppable and no one wants to leave the bar. Gyuszi