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DJ Rha Ruckus

Growing up in NY/NJ, Chris Rodrigues (DJ Rha Ruckus) was heavily influenced by some of the finest NY radio Djs. Also, being the youngest in a family with a wide range of musical tastes enhanced his appreciation for the diversity of sounds and influences embodied within Hip Hop music (from Funk/Soul/R&B to Jazz and Rock).

Rha Ruckus would spend countless hours digging for records to find the timeless classics and upcoming head nod tracks that would keep him inspired and motivated in his efforts to develop his cutting and blending skills. Soon after years of wearing through many records and listening back to his TDK recordings, Rha Ruckus brought his craft to the level where he was able to secure guest DJ spots and residencies.

Rha Ruckus’ signature sets takes the crowd on memory lane through a mix of different music genres and also creates new memories by keeping the music fresh and current. He’ll also surprise you with his expertly produced mashups and remixes blended into the set. Come see for yourself!


DJ Rha Ruckus